Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Play set Pandemonium

Imagine sitting at your kitchen table chatting with your case worker.
After all, today is your monthly safety audit.
 Your older 3 kids are in the backyard playing with the neighbors, in your view.
You gaze out the kitchen window to see your most responsible child (L, age 9)
using the climbing rope as a pulley.
She and her friend, have pulled the fish rocker toy up from the ground
and is now suspended at the top level of the play set.

Looks strange.  Absolutely.
As you try to process what they are doing, you see your 4 year old
stepping out from the top level in order to sit on the rocker that is only being
held up by a 50 pound, 9 year old girl holding a rope.
Everything is in sloooow moootion.

You nearly fall off the bench in attempts to get to them in time.
No luck.
J crashes to the ground before you can get to the door.
She sheepishly walks to the house.
Not an injury to note.  Thank God!!

Then she proclaims, "L told me to!"
L instantly replies, "It was the neighbor's idea."
You then proceed to raise your voice and banish your children to their rooms while
you complete the rest of the stinkin' "safety audit."

You then casually made your way back to your hubby and the case worker,
smile, and say something like, "Let's not write that one down."

Yes my friends, this is a sad but true story.
Yet another crazy day at our house.


Carrie said...

You couldn't make this stuff up! "Let's not write that one down." I can totally hear you saying that.

Tricia said...

I'm laughing again at this one!