Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Favorites for the Birthday Girl

When I posted a picture of this on Facebook...
 Some of you asked what I put in Leah's 10 Favorite Things bags.
My plan for the gifts were that they must be inexpensive and thoughtful.
I asked Leah the other day what her favorite things were these days and I took some notes.
Too bad I couldn't fit Taylor Swift into one of these bags.
Leah loves fashion design.  This mannequin is a jewelry holder.
($10 from Big Lots)
Coupon for Breakfast in Bed
(Kids love breaking rules you know.)

Popaw's Homemade Chess Cheesecake

(Insert jealousy from younger siblings about right now.)

Ten Dollars
Who doesn't love cash?

Lip Gloss in Nerds flavors

Coupon to Get Out of Doing One Chore
(Notice that I limited to one chore.  I wasn't very generous with this one.)

One of my favorites too!

Nothing too crazy or raw.  Just simple California rolls from Kroger.

Gift Card to Charming Charmings
She will be paralyzed with indecision.  I gaurantee it!
Girls loves accessories and jewelry.

I think she loved all of the attention. 
What do you think?

 This is Leah in front of the inflatable birthday cake.
We make the kids take this picture every year.
Next year, she said that she'll need to hold up one toe.
Stay tuned.  That will be interesting to see.

And this was Leah reading what I wrote about her...
I hope that she felt special.
I hope that she knows how much we love her little face.

I have already had requests for Porter's 9th birthday...I think that I 
may have created a monster.

What traditions or birthday surprised do you do at your house?

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