Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back To School: Part 2

I am way behind but I couldn't forget
to post Back to School pictures of
our littlest littles.

Be ready for some cuteness...

Do you think Maryn might be just a little excited?
She is very attached to her lunch box.
 She is smiling so hard that I imagine that her face hurt after a while.

Julia's 1st day of preschool also included riding the bus with Josie.
Talk about excited.
This kid couldn't wait!

The bus driver looked a little confused at first when she was looking around for Josie's sibling
when I said,
 "These two are sisters."
Now this is where the cuteness ceases.
Maryn was carried away from the bus kicking and screaming by Gma.
She wanted and still wants to "GO TOO!!"

Well school has been going well, so far.
There may or may not have been a call home
from the bus driver already.
One cute little girl is having trouble staying seated on the bus.
Oh, and she may have hit her sister in the face
on the bus as well.
The other day, Josie followed it up with, "Uh Mom, Julia sits in a car seat on the bus now."
Well, I said that back to school was going well, MOSTLY.
Good luck Mrs. Bus Driver.
How has your back to school routine been for going for you and yours?

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Andi @ udandi said...

I love that photo of Maryn with her lunch bag (wonder why?!) ;) Your daughters are adorable!

I really enjoyed meeting your this weekend at BloggyCon, let's stay in touch even though we're college rivals ;) If you need help with your transition to a new blogging platform, please let me know. Keep looking on for possible website addresses.

Andi (udandi/Lunch It Punch It)