Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday This and That

We have made some progress on our idea 
to develop outreach to kids in foster care. 
We want make the children feel more welcome and special in our homes, schools, churches and community.
I have to figure out the details of officially becoming a 501c3,
but we are making progress.
I am working with smart people who know the needs of the kids well, and can guide our efforts.
I have already received some surprise donations and people showing interest in helping,
plus I have purchased several things to get us started.
More coming on that later.

On a different note,
look what just happened to our little one.

Poor thing fell into a rose bush walking home from the bus.
It looks so pitiful, but she was very brave.\
Scared us to death though.

Who else is loving the Spring weather??
While Leah and Porter were at the Reds game,
we played at the park.
Maryn was physically able to do so much more this year.
I can really see the progress she is making.

Last bit of randomness,
I meet a lovely lady today.
We were comparing notes on "doing hair."
She has 20 kids, and hoping for two more.
Wow!  Hard for me to say that I had a stressful day, huh?

I hope that your week has started off right.
Now, off to cook dinner.

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