Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Poor Babysitter

We have a child who is having a horrible time with behavior this week,
at home,
on the bus.

She even cut her hair and as I witnessed it, she quickly lied stating,
"Some of my hair fell out Mom!?"

This same child, whom we love dearly, gave our sitter a run for her money tonight.
She was rough, and spent significant effort on causing a bedtime uproar for everyone.

As we walked in the door, I noticed that our wonderful sitter had won the proverbial "war".
All of the children were in bed!!!
Amen, seriously.

But something was missing....


Her shoes are seriously no where to be found.
The poor woman walked out to her car in her socks, all the while promising that it is "no big deal."
What a saint.

I have some suspicions of who might know where they are....

Please pray that we find them and that our sitter doesn't change her number.

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