Monday, October 1, 2012

{Bad Back}pack

I ran over to double check that  Josie's backpack
was ready for school.

I grabbed it and met with quite a bit of resistance.

What the heck?

This is what I found...

I was quite surprised to have little plastic legs and shoes come spilling out as I opened it.

My little hoarder thought she could slide all of this pass me.
No ma'am.

What's inside, you ask?
6 Barbies
1 D.S.
1 Purse
1 Stuffed animal
1 Old cell phone
2 Flip flops
1 Rock with a face on it...
and a partridge in a pear tree.

For crying out loud!
I put it on the scale and it weighed over 6 lbs.
Keep in mind that Josie only weighs around 36 lbs.

That is why we now call it her, {Bad Back}pack.

Have a great Monday everybody.
Can't wait to see what chaos comes our way this week.


Christina Lang said...

Hey! I was just going through my cards from bloggy con and found your site. I sure wish we could have had more time to connect! I am going through your blog and see that we have lots in common-- i have all boys and one girl, but we have also adopted from foster care. My oldest will be 10 next month, and the other ages are 7,4,4,3,and 2.
May God Bless your sweet family!!

Christina Lang said...

oh by the way, my blog is at

Mandy said...

hahaha sounds like you have a little turkey on your hands there. My 4 year old is all about making collections in her backpack too.