Monday, December 17, 2012

Back to School after Tragic Events

Today, my kids headed back to school just like most of yours did.
There, of course, were kisses and hugs.
 More than anything, I am just sad for all of those moms in Newtown, and elsewhere,
who didn't get to do that this morning.
I am not worried about their safety, any more than I usually am.
I know that rare and horrific things sometimes happen
and I believe that all that can be done to prevent it has been done.
I believe that they are in good hands.
I believe that there is more good in the world than evil.
I pray for my children's safety everyday when they are with or without me.
After sending them off to school,
I sat down to write my Monday blog post, and everything seemed so  trivial.
I have read so many comments and posts about the
tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary.
I am sad and have been praying for all of those who are affected.
I have also been reminded of how blessed I am.
Instead of the post I had planned,
I decided to write a quick note to each of my children's teachers.
A little note of thanks to them for choosing to invest their life in kids.
I can't help but think, that it may have been
difficult for them to return to school too.
So to all of the good and kind people out there that we trust our children with,
thank you so much for loving them when we aren't with them.

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Yes, I agree!