Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One Proud Mama

Seriously, something is wrong with my kids.
I claim NO responsibility!
In just the last few days, this is how each one embraced their inner weirdo.
I am one proud mama...not.
Enjoy...and DO NOT judge me.
Leah was home alone for just a bit, when she wasn't feeling well earlier in the day.
My phone rang and she meekly said,
"Mom, my stomach hurts again.  Is there some sort of remedy to relieve this?"
What 10 year old speaks this way, seriously?
Love it.
I could tell something was wrong when he got off the bus.
I asked him if he felt
So I asked him if he got in trouble...yes.
This is what he wrote in his planner as an explanation of his behavior...
It reads, "I said butts more than once when I was supposed to be working."
I kept a straight face, barely.
Come to find out, the little girl next to him did not appreciate the opening lyric to "Baby Got Back",
which I swear we do not let him listen to.
He only knows the 1st lyric!
P.S. This song is my absolute favorite song for karaoke purposes only
You might remember our kids joking about Michele Obama taking away the churros at school
during my election time post...if not, check it out HERE.
Well, Josie was looking at the Cheerios box admiring all of the varieties.
She then states, "I really hope Michele Obama doesn't take away all of my Cheerios too."
Porter ran up the steps, and with a serious look on his face he tattled,
"Mom, look what Julia did to this doll!"
Yes, that is a Ken doll with his head pulled off,
pants down,
and a comb up his butt!
I don't even know what to say about this one.
It is wrong, oh so wrong.
The little girls and I were going through the house to round up as many
toys and unwanted items that we could to donate during this Advent season.
I asked Maryn to put the stuffed animals that she wanted to keep
 in the bassinet in her room, while I put away something in my room.
I came back to this...
If you look closely, she is wrapping a pair of pants around the bed saying,
"I'm folding them."
PLEASE, tell me one or more of your kids is weird too.
I need the reassurance.
If you need more laughs, and I know that you do
hop over to MY LIFE AND KIDS where
I am linking up with them today for their Find the Funny party, #46.
If you are visiting, so glad you came.
Please come back.

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