Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas doesn't stress me out...

Christmas doesn't stress me out.
This bucket of around 3000 glow in the dark beads...
were spread from one end of the basement to the other! (26 feet)
We asked J why she did it and she replied, "We were lost in the woods and I made a trail so that we could find our way back."
 Let me tell you, we had a "trail of tears" as she cleaned up one little bead at a time!
Finally, H and I helped once we were sure she had learned her lesson.
It was too much for one rotten little 4 year old to clean up alone.
The funniest part was turning off the light and realizing that we had missed a few.
Good thing for glow in the dark beads!


Carrie said...

Oh my! Great story. You captured the essence of living with and loving a preschooler!

Kara said...

"A trail of tears"- love it! :)