Friday, December 30, 2011

Tacky Advertising

 I have been caught off guard by some strange marketing ploys. 
Here is a few of the tackiest.

* "Hi, I am from the blog hop.  I hope you will join me back."*
Clearly, you have no interest in reading what I wrote.  While I commend your dedication to
marketing your own blog, it is still a little tacky to cut and paste this comment on several blogs.

*While the family mourns the death of the younger brother, Mom pulls out Hershey syrup to make the older brother feel better.*
This happened on an episode of General Hospital (do not judge me).  It was a really sad moment and they did a product placement for Hershey's in the middle of it.  They must have mentioned the brand name at least three times.  Double tacky!!

*"If she can't remember your name, remember ours."
This was on a billboard for an Alzheimer's treatment center in our area.
Triple tacky!!! 

And finally, I just received this postcard in the mail...
This is the front.
This is the back. 
It is from an insurance agency.  This is the kind of mailing they send out 2 days before Christmas and in the middle of Hanukkah.
Tackiest of all!

Tell me when a tacky one catches your eye!


Tricia said...

I hate this kind of stuff. I see the Alzheimer one all the time. There is another billboard on 71 for a jeweler...something about if your daughter just got a ring bigger than yours...come see us. WHOA!

Krista said...

Tricia, That is so tacky...and so clever.