Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PJ and Pancake Party

I am way behind, but I wanted to post some pictures of JJ's 2nd birthday party.


Since we were holding the party on the morning of Black Friday for just a few of her friends,
we thought that the pj's were appropriate since some might be out shopping early.  
It also cut down on the time it took to get everyone dressed for a 10 am party at our house.

I got some of the ideas from Pinterest and Family Fun online.  
Did I ever tell you that I love the internet when planning a party?

 I used foam sticker letters on toothpicks to decorate the rainbow pan"cake" and the muffins.
(Her name is not really Amy, but you get the idea.)
 The letter "Q" in the foam stickers looks just like a balloon, fyi.
 A topping bar for the pancakes.
 Fresh fruit made me feel better about serving Fruit Loops as an appetizer.
Sausage, pancakes, and smoothies...easy peasy.

As favors, each family got a bag of powdered donuts with a note reading,
"I donut know how to thank you for coming to my party."

With 5 kids, I am bound to run out of creative ideas...wanna share yours?


Kara said...

Krista, I feel compelled to tell you that you're pretty. ;) It was so nice meeting you at Tricia's cookie exchange!

Krista said...

Right back at you, good lookin'!