Friday, December 16, 2011

What Happened to Our Sweet Baby...

What happened to our sweet baby girl, JJ?
Oh yeah, she turned two.

She has been overtaken by the uncontrollable need to say NO! and MINE!
She also has decided that she all the right in the world to assert herself, PHYSICALLY!
She told my husband the other day, "Bad choice Daddy! I don't like it!"
All the while, pumping her fist in the air like a protester or something.

All of these things are pretty common for kids her age.  However, however after having 5 of them trying this with me at one time or another, I am a little burned out on the defiant stage. 
This too shall pass, right?

She did catch me a little off guard on Monday.  I was working in the kitchen and JJ and CM were right up my rear as always.  I heard a thud...then a cry.  I looked over and CM was holding her forehead, and JJ had a strange look on her face and this in her tiny hand...

Yep, that's right. 
She whacked her sister in the head with a mini-frying pan for no apparent reason.
Poor CM!  JJ has quite a swing!
Please pray that we all survive this defiant stages of both JJ and CM!

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