Friday, January 27, 2012

Black Hair for the White Mom: Update

I have jumped right into the "hair world" lately.
Each of my children, whether Caucasian or African American, boy or girl, have very different
hair textures and lengths.

Because of this, the number and variety of products, combs, and brushes at our house is crazy.
This is most of them...not including my own stash for this unruly hair of mine.
See my big tote with 7 is always filled to the top with bows, 
rubber bands, headbands, barrettes, etc.
We also have bow organizer filled with the more special/handmade "pretties."
(Tricia makes and sells the bows, headbands, and organizers HERE.)

Since my first post almost a year ago, about doing JJ and CM's hair,
I dare say that I have made some progress.

I have a lovely friend who graciously gives advice and taught me a few things when
she did CM's hair for me once.

I also came across a great website called Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care.  
You have to check it out.
(Given my love for word plays and puns, I think the name is great.)

This mom has skills, not just with hair but also with skin care.
She also gives detailed instructions and video demonstrations.

On her Facebook page, moms post pictures and questions and women of
every race seem to rally to help and give suggestions.
Cool resource.

My biggest hurdle now is TIME.
I need more of it.
Getting four girls detangled and styled, plus gluing down poor PT's cowlicks could be a part-time job.
I am getting better and it is getting quicker.
But if you see that my hair is a mess, you know why...
who wants to spend time on their own hair after all of that?


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

You are a good, patient woman! I'm so impressed :)

Krista said...

Dwija, I am trying to be a good, patient woman. Mostly, I am just trying not to be run over by the masses. You'll do great with 5.