Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Black Hair for the White Mom

Thanks to a good friend and his cousin, I got to try my hand at sectioning "JJ's" hair, trying new products, and trying a two-strand twist.  I really enjoy her hair in its natural state but I have been told that her hair may grow more quickly and strongly if in little ponytails or twists...who knew?  All I know is that if I left my hair in a pony-tail for too long, it would begin to break off.  From the beginning, I have been very open about asking other people about the differences in doing Caucasian hair vs. African American hair.  Frankly, it is my job to care for all of my kids and if I don't know how to do something then it is my responsibility to find out.  So here begins my learning adventure and here's a big thank you to good friends who keep giving me tips and guidance. I am just going to keep practicing and playing with her hair.  I'll get the hang of it.

Check out my before and after pictures below.  I welcome advice and tips. (FYI- I can't photograph her beautiful face for privacy reasons but have taken some photos of her hair only. Believe me, she's a knock out.) 

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Dana said...

Props to you, my friend. Good work. And I will second the knock out comment.