Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Not Raising a King

I have been thinking about a conversation I recently had with an elderly woman.

I was commenting about how nice it was
to come home from working on a Saturday to find my husband
cleaning the house with the kids.
I feel very lucky that when he sees something needs to get done,
he does it.

Never is it "women's work" or "my job" 
because he works outside the home more than me.
We have pretty good teamwork.

This woman, followed up with a story of her own.
It basically went like this...
Her daughter-in-law made a beautiful meal.
After enjoying the meal, her son proceeded to help clear the table.
She saw him pull up to the sink and begin to wash some dishes.
Upon seeing this, she moved him aside and told him,
"I raised you to be a king and kings don't do dishes."
Then she proceeded to take over at the sink.

I didn't comment or argue at that point.
It just became very clear how times have changed and how 
thankful I am for some of the changes.
Expectations for this woman and for her children were much different than
the expectations I have for myself, my husband, and our kids...
especially my son.

One thought came quickly to my mind.

I am only concerned with one true King, and
he was known to wash feet and served the sinners.

So I guess she and I
are raising our boys to be different types of kings.

Does your family help with the housework?

(Disclaimer:  Porter is 8, and seriously, I am just working on having
him do a his chores, be kind and helpful to others,
 keep up with homework,
and put his pants on forward and right-side-out...
for now.

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