Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013 Recap

Sorry I fell of the grid a bit.

I am back and feel the need to capture some of the Valentine's Day 
memories that were made.
I hope that you all had a good one too.
Oh, and I couldn't forget the Father Daughter Dance!

 I traced the hubby's hand to make his mom a homemade Valentine.
Who said grown ups shouldn't make something for their mom?
I cut it out and opened it up, which left a heart shape open 
I wrote on it, "Hands Down, You are the Best!!"

 We started the day with a pun, of course!

 Loot for my little ones.
Who doesn't love Pez dispensers?
Don't worry (I got everything on sale)!

 This shirt was so perfect for Porter that I couldn't resist!

 Julia carried her little bug-eyed turtle everywhere with her. 

 The kids chose "brunch for lunch" at dinner time.
I made hash brown casserole.
Find the recipe HERE.
(Note: I doubled it.)

 Blueberry breakfast cake (a fan favorite) was also on the menu, which
I dyed red.  Looks a little gross uncooked, huh?
Find the recipe HERE.
I also doubled this recipe for our crew to have for several mornings.

Then Leah gave us this great letter.
She is such a "sweet heart."

I also got sweet artwork from my kiddos and...
DVR in my bedroom from my hubby!
Oh yeah, we are breaking all the good marriage rules and we now have 
DVR in our bedroom.
Now he is a Valentine who knows his woman.

Not to mention, that poor man got a card with cash in it from me, 
because I misplaced his gift cards!
Don't worry, I later found them. 
He didn't seem to mind my tackiness.
It was overall a good day.

The weekend continued with Dad, Grandpa, and all four of the
girls going to the Father Daughter dance at church. 
 I hear that they had a great time,
these girls love their daddy!
And their Grandpa too!
They are one fine looking bunch.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day at your house?
Any traditions?


annieglan said...

I saw you guys at the zoo. I yelled your name, but realized you wouldn't recognize me. :)

Krista said...

Annie, that is so funny! Sorry I didn't hear you.

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