Monday, February 11, 2013

Quick Funnies: Maryn

Maryn Funny #1
I was being silly and yelled up for one of kids by saying,
"Come here POOKIE!"

Well Maryn thought that was so funny, so she tried it.
"Come here PUKE-Y!"
I grinned and told her it was pookie not pukey.
"Oh ok.  Come here POOPIE!"

Maryn Funny #2
Many of you knew that I had 
to take Maryn for some 
Botox injections her leg and arm
as a part of her therapy to 
stretch and strengthen her right side.

Because this is painful, they gave her a little
"happy juice"
to relax her, and she chased it with a juice box.
It made her balance off and she was a bit funny I must admit.

After the procedure, I got her calm and she was back to 
charming the staff.  
I felt so relieved.  I told her that we could go home now and
that I needed to carry her
as to protect her from falling over like a 3 year old drunk.

Instead of being thrilled that she got to leave,
she turned into a holy trashing and screaming terror!
She wanted to walk (aka fall on her face) and stay with the recreational therapist.

I scooped her up and tried not to drop her and the 40 pounds of snacks and electronics that I brought to entertain and calm the sweet 3 year old, gone terror, in my arms.
The worst part is that as I carried her out of the office, 
through the hospital hallway,
down the elevator,
and finally to the car
people could stare and hear her screaming these great words...


Great, now I have people thinking my preschooler has a sedative addiction.
Good times.

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