Wednesday, February 16, 2011

25 Weird Things About Me

This is modified from a chain-post from Facebook a while ago.  For some reason, I don't mind you knowing what a weirdo I am.

1) I was the "Captain Kidney" mascot for the Kidney Foundation, in my college’s Homecoming parade where I was on the dance team.
2) I wore “Forest-Gump-like” braces on my legs for a few years due to orthopedic problems when I was a toddler and was put into dance class to help as well.
3) I was preparing to declare myself as a theology major the same day I found out that I was accepted into the Occupational therapy dept.
4) I love to play card and board games...especially Sequence.
5) My sister is 11yrs older than me.
6) I am allergic to everything outside that is green and grows and most animals such as cows and snakes (so the childhood allergist found out).
7) I used to cry and get nauseous...even get sick due to fear of my first grade class, teacher, and having my lunch stolen.
8) I walked head long into a no parking sign when talking to a friend on a major street on the West side.
9) I am forgetful at times, so 25 things are difficult.
10) I have been on 2 cruises yet I was too young to even have a margarita on board. I'd love to go again and take Howie.
11) I have been to Hawaii and loved it.
12) I like being near the ocean but not necessarily in it....the sea life scares me to death!
13) I can put my whole fist in my mouth....gross, I know.
14) I took a meditation class in college and spent a lot of time napping instead.
15) My maiden name replaced my middle name when I got married.
16) Both of my parents were only 5'3", my sister is 4'11"ish, and I am 5'1". I also have quite a few short friends too.
17) I love volunteer work and wish that I was more involved in it now.
18) I do not have good sense of direction.
19) I told my Mom that “H” was Mr. Right-now vs. Mr. Right....I was sooo wrong. He's the love of my life.
20) My 4 children are my greatest source of hope, vulnerability, love, laughter, entertainment...and don't forget stress.
21) We have wanted to be adoptive parents for 8 years.
22) I have fantastic friends that I love to spend time with- phone, email, or in person. Thank you girls!! You are so supportive.
23) We planned on having only 2 kids.
24) Our kids' first and middle names are derived from family names.
25) I considered the military when I was looking at colleges and scholarships. I would not have been good in the military. Instead, I married a military man.

Don't make me think that I'm the only weird one.  What wouldn't we know about you?


Tricia said...

I totally forgot about Captain Kidney - that was awesome.

Dana said...

^^^ ~ can attest to #13