Monday, November 14, 2011

I Must Tell the Tooth...

I love PT's new toothless grin.
My confession is that I LOVE pulling teeth.
It's gross, I know.
I believe one of the benefits of all of these kids is getting to pull more teeth :)
They say that admitting that you have a problem is the first step,
and I must tell the "tooth."  (Ha Ha)

Yesterday, my in-laws joined us for lunch and football.
Out of nowhere I said, "PT come here and let me see how wiggly that tooth is."
He reluctantly complied.
I didn't pull, but rather I pushed it forward...hard.
He squealed as his tooth literally popped out of his mouth...
flew up into the air...
and came down into the sleeve of my sweater.
I was shocked and thrilled that it came out!
PT was happy...and mad... and worried that we'd lost the tooth,
which we quickly found.
H and his parents were horrified.
Sorry for interrupting your Sunday football, people.

Now PT waits for the tooth fairy to arrive.
That's big cash for a little guy.

Just curious, what does the tooth fairy bring at your house.


Anonymous said...

When H and I were young, .25 was a big score. Now the kids get $1.00 from the tooth fairy in Florida to.

Krista said...

These traditions don't bother me until they come home saying that the tooth fairy brought their friend $10 or a DS game...these tooth fairies need to be stopped! :)