Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Funnies: PT is a Funny Guy

Today you are getting my Sunday Funnies on Monday...
PT style.
Just today, he has cracked me up a couple of times without even trying.

This morning when he was looking up sports scores before school, he just randomly looked
over at me and said, "You'd make a great ninja Mom because you are so short they'd barely see you."
All I could reply was, "Thanks."
After all, my son probably thinks ninjas are pretty cool...therefore I must be too, right?

Then tonight, we dropped off L at practice and he and I were going to spend some time together, a mini-date, before his doctor's appointment.  As we headed for the car, he clenched up a bit and said,
"Uh oh, my hot dog is gonna explode!"
  Then he looked up at me with a sheepish and anxious look on his face. 
It took me a second, and then I realized why he was concerned.  He had to pee...bad and he had to give a urine sample to the doctor in about 45 minutes.
He quickly talked himself down, "I can wait.  I can wait."
By the way, no he couldn't.
We headed to the doctor's early and all is well.
Also, who the heck says their "hot dog is gonna explode."
He didn't learn this one from us, I promise.

Later as I drove home with my two oldest in the car, a song came on by Taylor Swift (who is a family favorite) called, "Never Grow Up."
Take a listen.
I made them listen to it twice.
I love those rotten kids, and I not anxious for them to fully "grow up," however being
financially independent someday is still desirable.

                                           (Video source: YouTube)

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