Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today's Tidbits

7:30am: All three of the oldest kids attack snuggle with me in our soft chair while we watch cartoons. PT and Josie find great delight in finding ways to shock me by putting their cold feet on my skin.

7:45am: While still giggling about torturing me with her cold feet, Josie picks up my cell phone and rubs it on her behind...and laughs! "That's disgusting!" I reply. "I know!!" she says through her cackles!  (At least her clothes were on.)

8am: PT came downstairs wearing a tank top and shorts and saw no reason why I wouldn't let him wear it on a very cold morning. "But Mom, the sun is shining.". "What is I put a shirt under it and put on some swishy pants."  Whatever.

8:05am: Leah comes down wearing a pink silk kimono. "Mom can I were my kimono today?". She was surprised that I wouldn't think it was a great idea to wear a kimono to the eye doctor!

10:45am:  I survived the three eye appointments with L, J, and to help L pick out new frames.  We sit down for a minute to figure out some insurance issues and my concentration is broken when CM places both of  her slightly sweating socks and shoes on the man's desk.  "Here Mommy." she states with a smile.  A couple sipping on Starbucks, without kids tried their best to hide their giggles.

2pm:  Getting ready for Girls' Night Out to see the newest Twilight movie... I decide that for the first time in about 5-6 months, I will actually straighten and style my hair.  As I leave, my husband compliments me and I realize that I just did my hair for a bunch of women and not for a date with my main squeeze.  This is the same husband who told me AFTER church last weekend, that it looked like I had "been through a wind tunnel."  I am sure that he enjoyed seeing it a little tamed.  It may have given him hope.

5:00pm:  I find myself wondering "Who would take a young child to see this movie or read this book?", as I witnessed quite a love scene and later a graphic/violent birth scene that made me question if going to an Italian restaurant for dinner was a great idea. (Still had a great time.)

7pm: Enough time waiting for our table that I didn't care about the movie when I had a great dinner and great chat at Bravo with a few interesting ladies. 

9pm: Home in time to tuck three into bed...later followed by yelling at three to "GO TO SLEEP AND DON'T EVEN  THINK ABOUT WAKING UP THE LITTLE ONES UP!"

10:15pm:  Me, the hubby, DVR, and a cold one.  Day complete!

Hope that you are having a great weekend too!

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