Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How'd That Happen?

Today I started cleaning out drawers in preparation for the kitchen remodel that starts next week.  (Crazy times, I know but more on that later.)  When I took out the three desk drawers, a few papers fell to the bottom of the cabinet.  I called over my oldest height-challenged kid and asked her to get them for me. 

This is what she found...

That's right.  SIX PACIFIERS. 

After exhaustive searches, we had come to the realization that we must have a "paci-thief" at our house.  One by one, they disappeared and it made me crazy. Now we find them below the three drawers which seems like an impossible place for a toddler to access.   Despite my relief at finding all of them, we are now more perplexed than ever.   

How the heck did that happen?


Jordan said...

love it!!!

Tricia said...

Interesting...find any of ours in there??