Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kitchen: Before Pictures

I can't believe that after many years talking about doing it "someday," we are actually starting the kitchen remodel and replacing the floors in the foyer, guest bath, and kitchen on Monday.  We have been comparing prices, shopping for deals, and making selections for a month or two, but today and tomorrow we expect deliveries to begin! 

We have been blessed to have a friends who own Boss Home Improvement and Remodeling  (check them out) and they have agreed to work with us.  Poor Brett, we have had to be very careful to keep costs down so we have changed our minds a few times on the cabinets and flooring choices yet he sticks with us. 

I should be completely excited but as always, when we make a big purchase or make serious decisions, I tense up a bit.  I get a little overwhelmed thinking about packing up the whole kitchen in boxes and keeping the kids out of the way while the majority of our 1st floor is being worked on. I think about where else we could have spent the money or worry that the selections I made won't look right (I don't trust my sense of style...Really, what sense of style?).

Second guessing...what a waste of time and energy, isn't it?  After all, this opportunity is a privilege and a blessing and it will be so worth it when it is done. We are looking forward to making this part of our house work better for us, adding value to our home, and to make it feel a little more like "us."

Here's the basic plan:
  • add some extra cabinets for storage over the computer and stove
  • updating the look of the cabinets and counter tops
  • replacing the peel-n-stick linoleum (which is marked up) and small amount of oak flooring to make the foyer and kitchen flooring consistent
  • turning the island parallel to the windows and elongating it allow more kids to huddle there and to limit its interference with the refrigerator access
  •  add a couple of can lights to lighten the place up
  • adding a microwave with range hood/vent over the stove (we currently have a standard microwave sitting on a shelf meant for a much larger microwave) 
Here are some before pictures.  Any guesses on if we all will survive the remodel?


Carrie said...

Yaaaaaayyyyyy! It must feel so exciting to move forward on this project! It will turn out great, and it will soon be a distant memory. Congrats!

Tricia said...

Great before photos!!