Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Family Rules: Response to June and Bear

Yesterday, June and Bear wrote about her family rules.  You should really check it out here.
The rules are great and the pictures of her kids are even better.

She asked what family rules other people have.
I haven't made a specific list but I found the wall art below at Walmart or Big Lots
for $10 and I love it.  It hangs in the new kitchen.
I only wish that it also said, "Love God" and that the part where it says
"Listen to your parents" was in bold, underlined, or covered in glitter or something.

Thanks June and Bear for the fun post.


Kara said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks so much. And I love the piece you found. I agree that Listen to Your Parents should be flashing in neon lights.

Carrie said...


I really like this sign. Hmmmm... I'm trying to think of where I could hang such a sign if I magically came across one at the store (a.k.a. shamelessly copied it).

Thanks for the idea, especially since I'm really lacking in inspiration about house rules around here lately.