Monday, September 5, 2011

I heart Justin Beiber...and this is why.

When I went to pick up CM for our first week long stay, she was exhausted and tearful.  
My heart and the hearts of her foster family were hurting for her too.

She hugged me and I carried her to the car, buckled her in, and off we went.  
It was just she and I in the car and she was grumpy and silent.  After all, she had just woken up.

I tried to talk and joke around...she wouldn't crack a smile.
So, I pulled out the BIG GUNS.

"Never Say Never", by Justin Beiber, on the CD.

I sang loudly along and did some ridiculous moves...all while driving safely, I assure you.

Then it happened...I heard her little voice singing along too.
Not to mention, she even "raised the roof" with her tiny arms.
(Yes, I still "raise the roof" when I have the right audience.)
I put it on repeat and we sang along.

Then I heard her say, "Mommy, I not sad anymore."

I heart you, Justin Beiber...and this is why.


Tricia said...

Very sweet.

Carrie said...

You're so good. You are such a blessing to these children.

I'm also impressed you know the words to sing along. The rock I'm living under barely allows me to even know who Justin Beiber is, let alone know his songs. Very cool.

Krista said...

@ Carrie: I am just hiding behind my older kids' song interests. I secretly like the song too :)
To be honest, they are a blessing to me. You know how children can spotlight your strengths and your weaknesses. I am not always good with them. I struggle. I am just trying to highlight the moments that keep me going.
@Tricia: Thank you. Do you want me to buy a CD for your family so you can rock out too?

julie said...

First, I laughed at the vision. Then, I got goosebumps. None of us are perfect. But we don't have to be.

Krista said...

Thanks Julie. We all need a reminder of that sometimes. Come see me dance, anytime ;)

Kara @ June & Bear said...

So sweet. I honestly don't know if I would know a Justin Bieber song if I heard it.