Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Punny Valentine

As you know, I love puns and word plays...
it might even be considered a "condition" in my case.
Well, Valentine's Day at our house was quite punny.
First off...FOOD
(This seriously must have been my love language this year.)

 These cookies are made with devil's food cake and topped with a melted Ande's mint.
Recipe via Pinterest.
My hubby LOVES mint, so this was for him.

 Blueberry Breakfast cake, also from Pinterest.
Yummy, yummy.

 Giant card "signed" by each kid.
Then I wrote a quote that each of them said about why they love Daddy.

Now for the punny treats.
 Again from Pinterest...Rolo's are amazing aren't they?

 L loves to read and I love that she loves to read.
 She was so excited to get a simple book light.

 PT loves all things related to gas so I got him a whoopi cushion.
I know the note is mildly inappropriate but when you
are a mom to a son, you must
stoop to their level to relate sometimes.
FYI, he LOVED it!! However, little JJ won't let him near her now. 
 She is petrified of him and his fart toy.

For the whole family!
It has songs even for the littlest ones and I got it on sale for $10 off at Target.

Oh yeah!  Peeps that say "I (heart) U."
Who wouldn't love these?

For my threeValen'tiny's.
They love to write and draw and always seem to fight over the pens or lose them.
These pens were $1 at Michaels and they are at least 12" long.
They can't sneak off too easily with these bad boys and each pen is a different color.
I wanted a little wittier statement but the only one that really
got me was really inappropriate...

This is what I WANTED TO WRITE BUT DIDN'T for my 3 little sweethearts.

Ha Ha Ha!
Happy Valentine's to you all.

I just linked up at My Life and Kids for their Find the Funny Party.
Check them out.


Bethany Reine' said...

those are so so funny! i pinned this post for when my kids are older :)

Sparkling said...

You are such a fun mom! I love the silly things like this and the gifts don't have to be anything huge. Just the thrill of finding the silly notes. Keep doing things like that, they will remember when they're really old and will appreciate them for life!!

Krista said...

Ladies, Thank you for humoring me about my puns. My husband would plead with you not to encourage me. I am sp happy you stopped by...please come back anytime. Oh and Bethany, how pitiful is it that I don't know how to pin something yet...just re-pin. I'm working on that.

Kelley said...

I'm so much like you! I love puns, too. I was cracking up at "you are toot sweet". Hahaha!!

Tricia said...

Loved this, but Considered a condition? Girl, you are diagnosed!