Friday, February 3, 2012

Varicose Veins and Botox

 On Varicose Veins...

 L wanted to know if I thought she crosses her legs too much because a friend's mom told her it could make her veins in her leg stick up.  "Varicose veins?" I ask.  

She nodded and seemed pleased to know what they are called.  Then she asked me if I had them.  I told her that luckily I didn't (yet), but I do have some spider veins from my pregnancies.

She (so seriously) said, "You know Mom, no one would even notice the purple veins on your legs because they'd be distracted by the fact you have 5 kids.  They'd be like, "Five kids, how does she do it?" Mom, people say that to be all of the time."

On Botox...
If you have read my earlier posts, you know that CM has quite a fascination
with my head looking mad.
a.k.a.  my wrinkles.

Well someone in our house is getting Botox injections...
but it isn't me.

JJ has spasticity (tight muscle groups) in her arm that
will benefit from Botox injections.
This is meant to temporarily relax the muscle group so that
more aggressive stretching can be done.
This will be done by progressively casting her arm into
straighter and straighter positions for a few weeks, 
followed up with more therapy.

She is making such awesome gains and this will only move her
further along, so I am on board with it...
and trying not to be bitter that she gets Botox before me!
(Just kidding)

I am telling you, we have the weirdest topics of conversation around here.
Have a great weekend.

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Tricia said...

I will not let YOU get Botox!