Friday, July 6, 2012


We had our adoption on a Tuesday and sold our home and moved into another one Friday. 
 It was a bit of a whirlwind.  
I have to admit that I felt so blessed, but I remained a little guarded.
I knew that I was already the girls' "Mom" in every way that mattered, 
and no paperwork would change that, but what if something went wrong?  What if the judge was sick?  What if someone didn't do the paperwork correctly?

In a foster to adopt situation, the uncertainty, the "slim chance" that things could change, the wait, and the reminder that you are not the legal parent every time you have to ask for permission to take your daughters somewhere or give them a medication, can become taxing sometimes.  

Our adoption day was a beautiful reminder of our commitment to each of our children.  
It was a choice. 
 A blessing.  
A long awaited new beginning where we would be able to say with certainty that
 we would ALWAYS be a family.

Moms work so hard.  We are often labeled...working mom, stay-at-home mom, foster mom, step-mom,...

Now, I have never been prouder to be JUST

Now I am proud to introduce our crew...including names and faces.

Leah, age 9

Porter (a.k.a. PT), age 8

Josie, age 5

Julia, age 3

Maryn, age 2

We celebrated our Forever Family at Build-A-Bear, with the help of a good friend.

This is our whole family, including the handsome hubby.

Thank you to all of the friends and family who have supported us along the way in building our family.  
We are so grateful. 


Beth Littlejohn said...

You are such a beautiful family. Your blogs will be memories they have forever that will always remind them they are truly loved.

annieglan said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I thought you stopped blogging. I am so happy for this update! And great names on the girls.

Krista said...

Thank you ladies. I didn't stop blogging intentionally. I just didn't beat myself up when I couldn't fit it into my schedule. I'm going to try to be more consistent now. I love looking back at the memories that I will surely forget.

Kara-Kara Pumpkineater said...

Wonderful news!!! :)

Tricia @ Take 10 With Tricia said...

Your adoption day was only missing one thing...ME!