Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One of Those Days

I am having one of those days. You know, one of those days when you shout, "WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS 5 KID THING???" Well clearly it is my husband's, in case you were wondering. Anyways... I thought that I would try to focus on a few lighter moments we have had around here. Like tonight when I finally said, "i do not want to keep fighting about this. Why do we keep odoing this?" Josie replied in her signature whine, "Because we just want to get what we want." My inside voice said, "Don't we all you little turd!" I also want to assure all of you that are worried about poor Porter, for having 4 sisters. This boy is not to be pitied! He is ruining my daughters. Julia recently loudly complained, "Mom, I hurt my nuts." I loved correcting that one. Also, Maryn saw his "cup" sitting on his dresser and wanted him to tell her what it was for. She also has learned some great statements from him..."Put your hands up." and "Stab, stab, stab!" In his defense, he was helping her to learn to use her fork with her weak hand and he kept encouraging her to stab the food and the idea grew from there. At this very moment, my children are sleeping. I finally ate dinner, and the hubs and I are watching a few minutes of TV together. Life is good and hopefully tomorrow is better.

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