Friday, July 27, 2012

Laundry Gone Wild

Who would have thought that I could post a whole blog on the mishaps of our laundry?
Well, surprise and here it is.

When we moved in to our new place, we had to change our dryers and of course I got sucked into the Memorial Day appliance deals.  In short, we bought a new washer to match the new dryer.
I got a top loader because it had greater capacity than the front loaders, and I have never been 
terribly drawn to the front loaders anyways.  
(Sounds like more maintenance to me, but anyways.)

The only problem is that a woman of short stature, like myself, can't reach the bottom of the dang tub without a step stool.  It is a ridiculous sight, I tell ya.
Oh but it is so worth it.  I can dump a whole laundry basket in at once and have room left over.

Now for the funny stuff...
One of our little lovelies decided that it would be really nice to rub her sister's absolute favorite 
doll on her bare bottom.
Yes, just to be mean.

I was in a rush and threw the whole doll in the washing machine on our way out the door.
Fast forward to later, and this is what I found...

Anyone else recognize this white fluff that coated each sheet and piece of clothing in the laundry?

Hint:  It comes from this...
Yes, I threw the baby doll in the washer with the diaper still on.
Then it exploded.

The picture isn't very clear, but I was covered with it as well.

It was even trapped in the bleach dispenser.

Don't worry! It was nothing that 
one roll of paper towels,
one shop vac,
one rewashing cycle,
and one husband who was NOT amused
couldn't fix.

At least it wasn't a real diaper filled with something else.

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