Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We vacationed with my husband's family this year.
All 20 of us stayed in a fantastic beach house in Whalehead, NC.
It is in the Outer Banks area.
Here's some of my favorite photos.

 Vacation with five little kids is not exactly relaxing, but we had fun together.
We saw a few wild horses on the beach, 
had pony rides on a horse named "Porter,"
 climbed 214 steps to the top of a lighthouse and only lost one shoe down the spiral staircase 
(which was retrieved),
played with cousins non-stop,
had a luau,
swam everyday,
and had a friendly family football game complete with cheerleaders.

To end the vacation on an exciting note, poor Josie got car sick on the way home 
with about 10-11 hours still to go.
3 a row.
Each time, missing the bag that I was trying to help her hold open.
...on the bag, on herself, on my hands, on the car seat!
I stopped and got her and the car cleaned up, sprayed some Febreeze, and we got back on the road.
A few minutes later, Maryn chimed in, "Mommy, I was to barf in a bag like Josie."
It still cracks me up hearing her little voice say it so sincerely.
On a more serious note,
I sat there on one of the first days, and got choked up.
This was our first vacation with Julia.
With all of our children.
Hopefully, this was the first of many vacations as a family.
We were all just spending time together with no boxes to unpack and no one to 
report to when we got home.

I miss it already.

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