Thursday, March 14, 2013

Incredible Ideas

I mentioned that we have joined our first "small group" at church and we are doing a study called
A Journey Home.
Two weeks ago, I was asked to select a statement from the guide that I would want to experience.
Mine read, " He (God) has some incredible ideas to share with you."
This statement is intriguing but just a little frightening.
The last time my husband and I received great ideas, our family grew...
It was awesome and hard!

I went on with my day to day routine just like normal.
I chaperoned Leah and her friends at church on a Christian weekend retreat called Super Start.
We were 2500 kids in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades.
There's a band, actors, lessons, bowling, games, and inflatables.
They also talked about a charity called Bear Hugs where two young girls make and deliver teddy bears to kids in the hospital. 
It is simple and wonderful.

I looked down at Leah and thought, "we can do something like that."
Then it happened...
The ideas started flowing.
The whole family got involved and had ideas to share.

  We have often heard others say that they wish that they could help kids in foster care but being a foster parent just isn't for them.  
We get that. 
 It is not for everyone but everyone has been asked to serve the fatherless and welcome each other.

Ideas are flowing and our list is ambitious and still primitive.
We are researching what is available and what is still needed in our area.   
We know that we would like to start something where families, individuals, scout troops, and small groups can  help provide the little extras to both children in foster care and to their foster families.
The little things that most children have to feel comforted in their home, to have their new memories captured in photos, and to have better access to fun opportunities.
We want foster parents to feel supported and appreciated.

We are waiting to hear back from one agency and I am not good at waiting.
I need to put it out there.
I need to make sure these ideas don't lose their momentum in my everyday chaos.
I need to know if any of you want to help...


We eventually will need help with things such as
making blankets,
providing/making bears,
collect and donate books and school supplies,
people willing to save their coins, make donations, or host a simple bake sale to raise money,
donate their craft talent for hair bows, jewelry making, embroidery, etc
making phone calls to local business to ask for donations/discounts on hair cuts/consultations and hair supplies, childcare such as Skidaddles, birthday party venues, food and movie gift cards, party supply stores, music/dance/art/swim classes and camps,
photo albums, scrapbook supplies, digital memory books
tickets for sporting or theater events and local attractions....

If anyone would like to be involved, has a connection to a business, or has a suggestion,
I'd love to hear from you.  Just leave me a comment or email me at

Photos are of our kids snuggling with their very own bears that we "adopted" on the day of
Maryn and Julia's adoption.


Carrie Baird said...

Love that you all are so service minded! Would love to help you get the ball rolling- sounds like you have some great ideas !!

Tricia @ Take 10 With Tricia said...

Great idea!