Friday, March 29, 2013

Unexpected Decor Part 3: Breakfast Area and Little Touches

Please excuse my sub-par photography as I walk you through my 
final post about unexpected decor.

This is our breakfast area,
which is such a blessing for us because our very long table fits perfectly.
However, it needed some curtains too for the very long windows.
This time I purchased curtains and curtain rods from...Ikea.
I know that you are shocked.
Then I spent way too long ironing out the wrinkles in the four panels I bought.
These long curtains can be hemmed to the length you desire, because they are 98 inches long,
which is perfect for us.
Plus, two panels were only $14.99!
My men worked on the hardware and then we put them up on the rod.
Easy, peasy.
This is what the room looks like now.
I know that it is a little backwards, but now I am ready to paint.
 It will likely be a light blue.
I don't know when we'll get around to it, but it is coming.

The metal tree on the wall is from Old Time Pottery for $12.99.
I also bought various inexpensive off-white frames from Ikea,
filled them with our recent family photos,
and placed them around the tree.
It is our own little "family tree."
This wall hanging is from Target, and I LOVE IT because we have 7 people in this crazy family.
It used to hang on the wall, but it fell off and the backing broke so
for now it sits on the little table in the corner.
Best part about this is that it is hiding the ugly electric dog fence component!
I bought a pack of two large orange dish towels at Ikea and placed them in the center of 
both our kitchen and dining room tables to add the orange color that I currently am in love with.
The white metal tray is from the area with flowers and vases, at Ikea for $5.
The glass bowl and fruit were in the clearance section of Walmart.
This chair is yet another example of me visiting and revisiting an item before I purchase it.
I saw this chair in more than one TJMaxx.
It was a Lane recliner, that was impossible to actually recline it!
I like the way it looked but didn't like the price, especially if I was going to give myself a hernia just to put it into a reclined position.
So I kept revisiting it, hoping the price would drop. 
I gave up.
A few days later I went into Marshalls and I could see that beautiful red tag
from a mile away.
Great price, and even better, it actually reclines!
By the way, who else loves Marshalls??
This is how it looks by the fireplace with my new favorite pillow from Home Goods.
(I think that I have a bird issue right now.  Maybe it is my "fowl" humor."  I need help.)
Next to it, is an outdoor table that I pulled right off my front porch.
There's my unexpected decor.
The hall tree has been with us for years.
It needed a little pillow (there's a dang bird again),
and some pretty things on top.
The personalized family tree was a "Forever Family" gift from our neighbors
The cardboard initial is from the craft store.
I had planned to decorate it, but now I kind of like it neutral (plus I am lazy).
I also had some old and kind of ugly candles that I covered with scrapbook paper 
that has cut out designs all over it.  
Now you can't see the ugly candle unless you look down from the stairs, 
so please don't do that if you are ever at my house.

So we've added a few little things to our 1st floor
and it didn't break the bank.
It'll be a while before we paint, but I'll let you know how it turns out.

Any of you have any unexpected decor ideas that you want to share??

Have a blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter
from our family to yours!
I hope that the whole weekend is egg-celent.
There's that "fowl" humor again.


Michelle said...

I knew I wanted to go to Ikea this week. Those curtains are seriously cute!

Carrie said...

I really love the way these curtains look in your breakfast room!

I'm on the bird kick too! The pillows you have are perfect... Birds & fresh colors = fun.

Krista said...

Thanks Michelle andCarrie!