Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today is the 2nd day of Spring,
and we wake up to this??
Want to know how I survive the cold?
I have a heating pad under my covers.
I turn in on at night and place my pajamas on top
while I finish getting ready for bed.
Then I jump into warm pj's and a warm bed.
Don't worry it has a timer and goes off after 20 minutes.
(Disclaimer:  the heating pad advises against this.)

Nothing like having snow on the ground and this hanging on your front door.
I remember seeing something like it on Pinterest but I didn't follow any one tutorial.
Honestly, I have been determined to make the most of this $6 feather wreath,
so I attached a bunny ear headband, and voila!
Happy Easter!

So Mr. Spring...
would you just spring already??


Kim O'Donnell said...

What an awesome idea to warm up your pjs!! I hate getting into a warm bed. Summer weather can not come quick enough!!

Kim O'Donnell said...

Haha...what a day. I meant I hate getting into a COLD bed!

Tricia @ Take 10 With Tricia said...

Love the wreath!