Friday, March 8, 2013

My Belief Statement

We just started a small group from church, and this week, we were challenged to 
avoid seeking acceptance from others.
I think that it is safe to say that this has never been a strength of mine!
I have rarely written about controversial topics.
I don't like to isolate others.

Today I have decided to list just a few of my beliefs.
This is for me.
This is outside my comfort zone.

  • I believe in God, and his Son, Jesus Christ, and their love for me.  And for you.
  • I believe that Christianity is made up of sinners, not saints.
  • I believe that glitter and sand are enemies to this household.
  • I believe in most Pro-Life principles.  I support woman's rights, yet I believe that the rights of a child supersede the rights of his/her parents when health is not seriously at risk.  In the case of abuse, I just don't know!
  • I also believe in compassion, grace, support, and understanding for woman who have experienced this crisis.  Not judgement.
  • I do not believe in the death penalty, but I also believe in prison reform!
  • I believe that I have an unhealthy relationship with Girl Scout cookies.
  • I believe that children can grow up awesome rather being breast or bottle fed, whether their mom had an epidural or not, and if their parents work in or outside the home.
  • I believe that when our military is supported and is significantly stronger than everyone else's, we are less likely to have to use it for war.
  • I believe that adoption is a beautiful way to build or add to a family, but comes from great losses.
  • I believe that we have the freedom of religion and speech, yet it feels limited at times if you are Christian or in the majority.
  • I believe in being fiscally conservative in the government.  
  • I believe having the government too involved in healthcare could be a huge mistake.
  • I believe most people want to be in the top 2%, but sometimes many want to see them financially hang.  I want a more consistent contribution from ALL citizens somehow.
  • I do not believe that being gay is choice.
  • I believe that men and women should be allowed to love and legally marry anyone they choose.
  • I also believe that churches should have the right to define "marriage" within the confines of their religious beliefs, as well.
  • I believe that certain clothes, such as super low rise pants, should not be sold in some sizes, nor should hoochie clothes ever be sold to children.
  • I believe that it should be called a "Costume Contest" vs. a "Beauty Pageant" when you slap a bunch of make-up, spray tan, fake hair and teeth on a child to make them look beautiful.  I also believe that the word "sassy" can sometimes be interchanged with "bratty."
  • I believe that vanilla bean ice cream is way better than chocolate.
  • I believe that when it comes to being selected for specific military, police, and fire fighting jobs, it should not matter what your gender or race is. It SHOULD matter if you are strong enough to carry my butt out of a burning building/down a ladder (quickly), if you are fit enough to chase a suspect, and if you can utilize your weapons with expert skill.
  • I believe (or so I hope) that it is possible to raise children in a meaningful way without completing isolating them from TV, internet, and other people with differing religious views, races, sexual orientations, or economic situations.
  • I believe that I should prioritize God, then marriage, then children.  I also believe that I often do this in exactly the opposite fashion.
  • I believe that this post might piss some people off.
  • I believe that a man who actively participates in housework and child rearing, is very attractive.
  • I believe that my beliefs are likely to evolve and change as I continue to have new experiences.  I might even find out that I am completely wrong on some.
and lastly...
  • I believe "the children are our future.  Teach them well and let them lead the way!" (Tell me that song isn't in your head now.)  Start your Friday off right and go listen to Whitney sing it  on YouTube HERE.
Have you thought about your belief statement?

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Carrie Baird said...

Sorry- we can't be friends any more... Just can get over your belief that vanilla bean is better than chocolate... What kind if woman are you :) love the list and love that you jump from super serious to super fun topics ! Carrie