Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Productive Weekend

There was work on Saturday,
taking flowers to the cemetery,
one kid recovered from strep throat,
one diagnosed with double ear infections,
hair to wash, detangle, and re-do,
baseball practice,
and so much more.  

Here's a few photo moments from our productive weekend.
 We couldn't forget to celebrate my mom on Saturday.
We call it the "Joy Day."
It is when we spoil the kids in a way that only she could do.
These pictures are of our 1st dessert of the day,
root beer floats.
There was a family movie, snacks in front of the television,
two desserts, and trans-fats, of course.

Don't look at the moisturizer that hasn't soaked in...
but this is the fun hairstyle for this week.
The fro-hawk.
It is a little silly, but the girls love it!

 Then, we decided that for the first time in our post-kids lives,
we would fit TWO cars in the garage.
Keep in mind we have a three car garage now, so this
seems ridiculous to me that we haven't accomplished this yet.
We pulled everything out and shoved it back in, 
in a more organized fashion.
 (We are considering opening our own bike shop soon with all of this crap stuff.)

Our girls had their first hot fudge cake at Frisch's.

I caught Julia being a super big sister wiping Maryn's constantly runny nose.

Maryn was just a little tired from a busy weekend.

I also spent much of the weekend, obsessing about paint and accent colors.
Any suggestions??

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