Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Be Kind to Your Leader/Coach

I just had to get this off my chest.  If you have kids that are involved in scouts or sports, or if you've ever volunteered to coach or been a leader you might relate.  Here are a few things that I have found myself saying (in my head...never in my out loud voice) to a few parents of kids I've coached or been a Girl Scout leader for (or my husband or friend has experienced)...

* Please do not drop your kid off at the leader's house at 2:05pm when drop off isn't until 2:45pm, without notice or good reason. 

* Try to be on time for pick up.  I want to go home too.  I know that we all are running late that case no sweat. 

* If your family is in charge of planning and running the meeting tonight... it is "not cool" to send a two sentence email saying that you and your husband work weekends and will not be attending...with 4 hours notice...without any initiative for getting the meeting covered by someone else or suggestions for activities that another parent to use.  It is also "not cool" to then not return an email or call made to you to clarify. 

* When each parent is asked to take a turn helping in some way, please do not say things like, "I am so busy." or "Oh good you don't need me.  I really need to spend my time on the weekends working in the yard."  or  "Oh you don't need me, good because I've already done my duty. I'm going to run errands." 

* Please don't look "put out" when you have to come to a meeting place to pick your child up.  We are doing most of the driving, after all.

Forgive my rant.  These are a just few isolated incidents that, although "uncool," do not over-shadow the fun I have being involved in my kids' activities.  It just irritated me.  Now I feel better.  After all, blogging is cheaper than therapy, right?


Heather R. said...

This is why my co-leader and I retired from the troop after 3 years. It was our turn to "take a break", although, she ended up as cookie mom, and I ended up as driver on quite a few outings. You have every right to rant!

Krista said...

You can retire?? Just kidding! Thanks for the comment.