Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sharing Saturday- Fallen Officer

This has been quite an eventful weekend.  On Friday night (Friday the 13th!), I was driving home with my three girls.  I was at a stop light, preparing to turn right, when POW!  We were rear-ended and it knocked my car into the car in front of me...and her car into a car in front of her.  My 8 year old, L, began to have head, neck, and upper back pain.  An off-duty EMT/fire fighter arrived and stabilized her neck while we waited for the police and ambulance.  When I thanked him for staying with us even though he was off-duty, he kindly said, "If I was in this for money, I'd be in the wrong profession."  Long story short, we spent the evening in the ER with two of the girls.  JJ was fine and L was diagnosed with whiplash type symptoms and a possible mild concussion.  Overall, everyone is fine (Thank God!)...just a little sore and L's still has a headache and has had to avoid softball. 

When we went to the police station to give my statement, we ended up talking about the officer that was killed this week while placing stop sticks.  The suspect hit him and tried to flee on foot.  Sgt. Brian Dulle used to be in the military as well.  He leaves behind a wife and three children under the age of 10.  (Please read more about it here.) We talked about how the departments were working together to allow for officers to attend his services. 

This local tragedy and our recent car accident made us think more about the police and fire fighters?EMTs that we may not think much about on a day-to-day basis...until we need them.  My brother-in-law is also a police officer, and we can only imagine what Sgt. Dulle's family is going through.  The week of May 15th is National Law Enforcement Week and May 15th is Peace Officer Memorial Day.  In honor of this, we have decided to donate at Fifth Third Bank, to a memorial fund for Sgt. Dulle's family and to take extra effort to pray for all of those who serve our community.   Won't you join us?

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