Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Funnies- Bobblehead

I probably call this one the Sunday (Not So) Funnies.  Sorry.

*First some background info...I am short.  My husband is short.  Our kids are short.  So PT the other day said, "You know Mom, JJ will probably be happy that she wasn't born from your tummy."  My reply, "Why? "  "Because she'd be tiny like us too."  The sad thing is that she's short too, so far.  Maybe one of our kids will get one of the tall genes from other family members, hit a growth spurt,  and change the dynamics of our gene pool forever.  But those are some "tall" dreams.

*Yesterday, my husband took the kids to the Reds baseball game and they got a bobblehead.  This morning, L told me that PT discover that the bobblehead had a spring up in the head piece.  PT ran in and said, "He must have a springed neck!"  I felt compelled to reply, "Maybe it happened during spring training!"  Needless to say, groaning ensued. 

Have a great week all! 

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Tricia said...

Sadly, I'm laughing, again...job well done.