Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Zoo

You know how to get a great workout without planning too??  Go to the very hilly Cincinnati Zoo on a warm day, with two kids riding in a very inefficient stroller, and go the wrong way several times when trying to find the stinkin' parking lot. 

"Get a map Krista", you say....well the sad part is that I had one AND I have been going to that zoo since I was five years old and I still don't know my way around.  I didn't tell J that I went the wrong way.  I just kept pointing out animals, usually more than once.  She must have noticed because she gave me this pitiful look and said to me, "I wish Jean were here.  She'd know how to get back." 

Well, we made it out but not without much stroller-pushing exertion.  It was a beautiful day and the kids were great.  When we got back home and things settled down, I noticed that J was drawing something.  She said, "Mom, what was the first animal we saw?"  I reminded her of the elephant visit.  She followed it up with, "I am drawing you a map so that you don't get lost at the zoo next time." 

I guess that the elephant isn't the only one that NEVER forgets!


Tricia said...

Well written and I'm still laughing! Call me next time.

Anonymous said...

Krista-----you make me laugh! Thanks for your posts!- Karie