Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sharing Saturday(s): Autism Speaks and Be The Match

Last Saturday, my family and I walked with thousands of people that somehow have been touched by Autism Spectrum Disorders in the annual Walk Now for Autism Speaks.  Like most families, we have loved ones that are living with ASD.  It really was special to all of those families sharing a common goal.  All in all, a very good day for our family.
Autism Speaks is passionate about funding research, spreading awareness, and providing advocacy and tools for those affected by ASD.  In our area, they have raised $330,000 from this event and will continue to accept donations until mid-August.  Their goal is $390,000, so if you want to donate, there is still time.


This week's choice was a little different.  A 7 year old girl in our community is fighting Acute Myeloid Luekemia.  Maya is a fellow Girl Scout and is fighting for her life.  She needs a bone marrow transplant and our community held an event to find swab potential donors and almost 300 people participated, including me.  You can watch the new report here.

The process was painless.  I just swabbed each of the four quantrants of my inner cheek, put them in the envelope with my donation, and then they were sent off to Be The Match.  This organization is a national marrow donor program.  Although, I may not be a match for Maya, I could be for someone else.  In that case, I would be contacted and we would discuss the options for donation. 

Be The Match also accepts monetary donations to help families afford transplants and to advance medical research.  Prayers for Maya, and those fighty similar battles, are always helpful too.

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