Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Josie: Look!  Patrick gave me another ring, Mom!

Me: What is this?

Josie: Mom, he has a crush on me.  Have you seen his face when he looks at me??

Me: What does his face look like Josie?

(This is her interpretation of the little boy's I-like-you-face.)

Hubby: I need you to stop liking this boy Josie.

Josie: But I love him!

Josie: You are trying to stop a girl from liking a boy.

Hubby and I: redirection, blah blah, not appropriate, blah, we love our family and friends not boys yet, 
blah blah

Hubby:  I blame this all on you, Krista.

Lord, seriously help us!

(Patrick is not his real name, but the Hubby is keeping an eye on this little guy so his
name has been changed for his safety. Just kidding.)

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