Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Recap

Oh my friends, it was a cold and wet Halloween!
The Hubs and I rushed home from work and
pulled out old costumes because
the little ones' costumes were not going to be warm enough.
Don't laugh, but they are a little small on Josie and Julia
but they didn't mind.
Hope that you had a great one.

 Leah said that it isn't fair that I let Porter go as something evil...
A New York Yankee!
 Leah's creation
 Julia's happy pumpkin with a bow in her hair.
 Maryn was going to be a pirate so this is Captain Hook's hook.
Porter chose a detailed New York Yankee symbol
Josie chose a peace sign.
Just so you know, my older kids took it upon themselves to trade
out all of the candy that wasn't Porter-safe.
So while I really love them for that,
I was a little bitter not to have much selection after they all went to bed.
Just kidding.
The kids had fun and we'll be ready to do it
all over again next year.
Have a great weekend.

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