Monday, November 26, 2012

My Baby is 3!

  I can't believe it! Our baby is three!
  I love looking back at pictures and believe it or not, I am a little sad knowing that our family is complete
and that Maryn is no longer a baby.
  Maryn is so strong and has overcome so much.
She is so happy and resilent and nothing seems to stop her.
God has his hand on this girl.
Her smile can light up a room and her voice (the nice one) is so sweet to listen to.
Maryn is so smart and beautiful and she has taught me so much.
She taught me how to risk and love with everything I have even when our future together was uncertain.
She taught me how to fight for her when she needed me too.
She taught us, our other children, and our family and friends that love and committment have nothing to do with biology.
She taught me how to better serve the families and individuals I treat with special needs.
She showed me what my incredible husband is capable of.
She showed me the love in my children's hearts for others.
And because of Maryn, we were led to another love of our life, Julia!
Wow!  This kid has accomplished quite a bit in just few short years.
Watch out world!
Here comes Maryn. 
Here are a few pictures to enjoy of our sweet girl.
The first time the Hubs and I held her at the hospital!
The 1st Christmas together after only 3 days was so special!
The 1st smile.
This was taken in the hospital.  She is only 3 weeks old.
I can't believe how small she was.
This is her 1st birthday with cake and also as a Turkey!
Her 2nd Birthday!
And now, three years old and growing strong!
Her laugh makes me so very happy.
Happy Birthday to my Sweet Maryn!

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