Friday, November 16, 2012

I Used it All Up

Josie strikes again...

At cheer practice, Josie rushed off to the bathroom.  
She even kept chanting cheers as she did her business.
Then she started a strange conversation with me.

Josie: I used up all of my poop today Mom.

Me: What??

Josie: I used up all of my poop today so you need to feed me more food, seriously.
I love poop.

Me: Why??

Josie: It's brown, Mom, and brown is my favorite color.

Later, when I told her father (whom I blame for all of her gross tendencies) this disturbing story
she interjected,
"Brown really isn't my favorite color.
I just like poop."

Then she smiled and ran off to put on some glittery lip gloss.

What is wrong with that kid?

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