Friday, November 30, 2012

These Hooks Make Me Happy!

This house has a long closet in the laundry room
that I really wanted to turn into a drop zone/mud room,
since it is easily accessed from the garage.
The best part is, that it has doors so whenever the kids mess up my "organization"
I can just shut the door.
This is how we made it work for our family.
(Sorry the pictures aren't the best but space was tight so I am practically sitting on the utility tub to take these.)
 The Hubs hung three inexpensive wood strips from Ikea for a total of 15 hooks, at Hobbit/kid height.
This was much cheaper than buying individual hooks and Ikea had the best price
 (which I don't remember because I bought them 6 months ago.).
 There is an existing coat rack higher at adult height for our coats or laundry that needs to dry a bit more.
 The bins are left over from a bookshelf from Costco.  Each kid, plus mom, has one for their shoes.
In the back, we have two laundry baskets squeezed in there.
One for colors and one for whites.
I love this kind of stuff and the kids don't seem to mind either.
I am a total dork, and I don't care!
I will post in the future about how I keep track (or try to keep track) of 5 kids papers...
Anyone else love a good organization project?
Share, please.