Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Have My MBA

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
What mom hasn't done that lately?
Whether I am at work, home, at my kids' schools, or out with friends
it all comes back to one thing.
I am a Mom.
A while back, Leah came in after watching one of those cheesy yet catchy
commercials for an online degree program and said,
"Hey Mom, why don't you get your degree?"
I was a little irked as I replied, "Leah, my dear, I do have my degree."
We went on to discuss the details of my bachelors program in occupational therapy,
so the misunderstanding was resolved.
Then she wanted to know if I wanted to go get my Masters degree.
"No," was my response.
  Seriously, my mind is already overwhelmed with educating the children in my care at the moment,
all the while keeping them fed, clothed, and alive.
Also, in my field, I have some other interests and continuing education courses that
I'd rather invest in so that I enhance my clinical skills so that I can provide better care.
I forgot about that conversation until last night.
I was trying to make a special breakfast for the kids
since they are off school and I'd be at work when they woke up.
My mind was filled with things about each kid.
I found myself thinking,
I am a professional mom at this point.
That doesn't mean that I am
always good at it
(Lord knows I am a mess sometimes!)
but I am in this up to my neck and
I am committed.
We all are.
Heck! This week, I survived taking all five kids to the orthodontist while filling out
paperwork in a small office, not the waiting room,
for 45 minutes of the hour long appointment.
Also agreeing to pay them large sums of money, whereas the orthodontist proceeded to give me a concerned
 look and say, "Please tell me you are babysitting?"
We also had 6 kids sleeping at our home Friday night and 7 kids
 (including one who beganvomiting) on Saturday night.
And I can't forget Saturday, when my alarm on my phone reminded me at 5:20 that
 Porter had a 3rd grade Bible retreat (that also was a Potluck)
that started at 5:30!
Of course, we had forgotten all about it and had a friend on his way over for a sleepover.
The hubs and I kicked into high gear and then called in a pizza for carry out,
washed some strawberries, called the kid's mom to get permission to take him too, and barked orders at Porter to get
his Bible and get in the car.
We were there by 6:10 and didn't miss a thing.
Thank God.
This week has been beating me down a bit
but we're good.  We made it and I am thankful.
Sometimes I flew off the handle, didn't hug enough,
and barked orders,
but I did some things right too.
I can't always forget that and
sometimes I need a little pep talk too.
So in the spirit of that, I have decided that I do have my MBA...
in motherhood.
Sometimes, I'm a mom with a Major Bad Attidude
or I feel like my Mind will Blow at Anytime.

And sometimes, just sometimes, every once in a blue moon
 this Mama's a Bad A$$!
What have you done right or survived lately?
You rock!
Consider this your pep talk too!

Tell me all about it my fellow MBA's.
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful to be a Mom.


Katie said...

Good work mama!!! When my husband went out of town last week for a work conference, I texted him early one morning when everyone was dressed and fed and happy and my oldest made it on the bus on time and I said "I am a kick A@@ mom." It feels good to brag every once and a while :)

Tricia @ Take 10 With Tricia said...

Great post!

Jenni Kershaw said...

I'm so glad I started following your blog! These past 5v days (with my kindergartner home sick) I've felt like I'm barely scraping by with a D Minus in mothering! But my kids still want me to play with them, to tickle them, to basically be with them every moment of every day, so they haven't given up on me. Can't give up on myself! Love this idea of and MBA in Motherhood...