Monday, November 5, 2012

Kids on Politics

While I have despised being called 15 times everyday,
disgusted by how much money is spent on political mailings alone,
and saddened by the bad manners of our candidates and supporters,
I also feel blessed to live in a country where
we have the right to elect our own leaders.
I have also enjoyed hearing our kids
talk and debate during this
election session.
Here are a few conversations that took place around here.
Keep in mind, we did not offer our opinions. 
Me:  Why do you think so?
Porter (while laughing):  Because it sort of rhymes. hehehe
Leah (in a scholarly tone):  Don't you mean that it is more of an alliteration?
Leah: I think that I sort of agree with Obama about smaller class size.  That way teachers
could spend more time with each student.
Porter:  I think that it would be less distracting with less kids in each class too.
Leah:  Well isn't our debt like one million dollars?
Me (with a chuckle):  No honey, it is in the trillions of dollars.
Leah:  Whoa!
Porter:  Wait a minute.  If classes are smaller, then they would have to build more classrooms
and that would kill our debt!
Leah:  What if we just put an extra teacher in each class? 
Then there would be less students per teacher.
Me:  You know guys, you make a lot of sense.
I'd vote for the two of you because you have worked together more in this one conversation
than both parties in the last 20 years!
Leah (with a pout on her face):  I am voting for Mitt Romney because the
First Lady took away our churros in our school lunch.
Tonight at dinner the churro conversation continued.
 Leah and Porter pretended to be each of the candidates and debated.
Romney (played by Porter):  You took our churros away!  It doesn't matter if they are healthy or kids aren't fat!
Obama (played by Leah):  Yes they are...and so is your wife!
Everyone busted into (inappropriate) laughter and I broke it up pretty quickly!
I guess the kids have seen too many slanderous commercials. 
Here's just a few funnies from my friends on Facebook and their little ones. 
L's son says: He "is voting for Mitt Romney because "Obama steals from the rich to give to the poor." So we asked (him) what he thought. He said he "is voting for Obama because he wants to give houses and food to people that don't have them." He also said that only one other girl in his class is voting for Obama so he is going to lose. LOL!!!!
S says: My son "wants me to vote for Obama because he thinks the first lady is cute!! Lmao!! Only my girl crazy little 7 year old!!"
T's says her five year old  "keeps telling us to vote for Obama because he IS our President."

K overheard a kid at school say he/she wouldn't vote for Obama because he took away their snow days.

My favorite came from my 11 year old L.  His mom says, L doesn't like Obama's electric car/hybrid initiative. He thinks people should be allowed to drive SUV's. He wonders how the (my) family will fit into a Prius.
Believe me, I know that this election, and any election, should be taken seriously.
I am praying for those voting and for the leaders of our country.
Voting is a right in our country that I don't take for granted
but I need to focus on the lighter side of all of it tonight,
before tomorrow's election chaos begins.
I am hoping that I don't have to stand in line for too terribly long,
and I hope that there are no "hanging chads" this year!!
Before I go, I have to share this picture of what I saw in the claw machine at Kroger.
Ridiculously funny!
Come on.  Share with us what is being said at your home.

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Nicole R. said...

Just read a post that a friends 4 year old came home from daycare and said she would vote for Romney because "he hasn't had his turn as President yet." Love it!