Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fool's Day

Last week was my kids' Spring Break so we tried to have some fun.  We had a little "staycation" while going to play putt-putt, rented a movie, stayed up a little later, played at a friend's house, and went to COSI and the Cincinnati Museum Center.   The three oldest kids camped out on the girls' bedroom floor in sleeping bags all week long and slept in until 7:30am!  We even bought some "Spring Break cereal" for them to have for breakfast.  (Honestly, the simplest things still can make them happy.) 

On Friday, my kids decided that I had to be the target of their April Fool's Day fun.  PT instructed me to stay in my bed because they were making me a special breakfast.  I was really proud of them and almost posted about it on Facebook when I thought, "It's April Fool's Day....what are they up to?"  I waited and prayed for safety in the kitchen. 

They walked into my room with the biggest grins on their face. L carried the tray to me and sweetly stated, "Enjoy Mom." This is what I found...

In case you can't tell, my toast has gel food coloring on top to mimick "snot."  Oh yeah, don't forget the plastic bug that is in the middle of the sandwich.  The water is tinted green and has gel at the bottom to look like worms and slugs.  GROSS!

The kids keep saying, "Eat it. Eat it."  I love them but not that much!

Did you pull any good pranks or have any pulled on you?

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Tricia said...

That's disgusting!