Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wise Gals

As an occupational therapist, most of my collegues are women and mothers or grandmothers.  I just wanted to take a minute and jot down a few pieces of wisdom shared with me from a few co-workers who have already mothered little kids...and survived.   They are the moms that listen to some of us talk about how stressful having young babies and children can be.  I suspect that they also may be quietly laughing to themselves while thinking, "You think it is stressful now...just wait!"  Occasionally, they will chime in with a useful tip or reminder that keeps things in perspective.  Enjoy!

* Cereal counts as a meal.       This simple statement reminds me that I need to relax.  There are days when I can't accomplish everything I had hoped for.  Even letting myself "off the hook" every now and then by feeding my family something simple or ordering a pizza is just what I need sometimes.  The kids don't mind one bit.

* When picking up your older child or teenager late at night from somewhere, go in your pajamas.    This way they will be motivated to come out promptly.  If not, you'll be forced to go in or up to the door...in pajamas.  No kid wants that to happen.  The thought cracks me up and I am sure that it would be effective.

* Instead of sending the kids to their rooms, send them to each other's room.  This was suggested by a friend of a friend.  She said that kids go crazy thinking about what their sibling might be doing in their room.  "Are they touching my stuff??, they think.  It is a negative reinforcer...or psychological warfare if you ask me.  Love it but haven't tried it yet. 

Feel free to share your tips and wisdom.  We could all use the help, right?


Meg said...

Krista - I totally do the cereal for dinner! The kids even ask for it. I love the second and thrid ones - I am totally going to have to use them! =)

Barbie said...

Krista- I LOVE ALL of them! HEre are some more I have learned as a teacher/parent/ former rebellious teenager.

1. When a teenager says "I hate you." or "You are ruining my life." Think to yourself- Way to go! You are RIGHT on target. And stick to your guns. As a parent it is o.k. to risk NOT being their best friend. They need a parent to guide them, NOT be their friend.

2. It is O.k. to tell your child "NO" at a young age. Kids need limits. They may not like them, but just like medicine, they NEED them.

3. When you pick up a teenager at night from wherever, save the questions/lecture for the next morning. It is ALWAYS easier to have them call you than getting that phone call from the police or ER. I will always be grateful to my parents for the "no questions asked." mantra. It saved my life SEVERAL times.

Tricia said...

Great ones! Why didn't I know about the third one??? For the pj pick-up, I'm going to make sure I have a set of OBNOXIOUS pajamas...and I really like Barbie's #3.

Krista said...

Here's another one...
Lady at work said today that she never used to tell her kids that they were going on a rode trip. When they woke up she'd say, "Get in the car we are going to McDonalds...in New Jersey."

Thanks for all of the feedback!